Located at the west entrance of the village and just opposite a centuries old water spring we find the chasaCHAU.

During the terrible village fire in 1921 in which many houses and stables burned down, the East side of this majestic building was also partly destroyed.

However, most of its structure could be saved and rebuilt, including the impressive 80 cm thick stonewalls, some with old funnel-shaped windows plus shutters and traditional grey “sgraffito” on the edges, covering 5 levels of living.

Some decades later, the vast size and central position of the building - just behind a famous water spring, with the trail to Scuol and Vastur in front of the door and the famous Traumpiste ending just the street above - attracted early tourists and in fact first hospitality was born.

As the region became better known, there was a need for authenticity to be paired……….

Authenticity needed to be paired with a certain luxury and it took the previous owners too long to realize this which unfortunately left the beautiful Chasa standing neglected for many years.

When Ronald came to this village he fell in love with this property immediately. But it took him a long ride to agree with the owners to sell-on this beauty.