Residence 1 - simply the “Hammer”. Reservation

Looking for something very special? This Residence offers an extraordinary dwelling for those who want to savour pure history. The ceiling, floor and a wall cabinet in the master room are handcrafted in typical Engadin wood style including the family crest of the original owners. Also, the traditional stove will be secured to retain its position after the building process. In the kitchen space with its unique double arched ceiling and hooks for drying meat, we uncovered beautiful floor tiles showing many decades of hard work.

Another stove used for making cheese is a beauty which we also plan to retain. Last but not least, the sunny XL terrace (55m2) at the front is worth a “million” - probably the best viewing terrace in Engadin. Cosy living in the front of the main building is realised by respectfully blending the old with the new. Behind the entrance, the living and cooking area of about 28m2 is planned to maintain a clear path to access the large viewing terrace. On the South side all spaces of about 43m2 will retain the original look and features as much as possible to re-establish a master room with 1 or alternatively 2 rooms to work or sleep.

The bathroom of about 7m2 is on the North side to keep views clear for great panoramas. Use of the central washing and drying facilities in the basement is standard, but connections for private laundry facilities are available. Limited drive-in facility on the ground floor for loading/unloading. Residence approx. 78m2 with South-West location. Private indoor storage #1 approx. 6m2. Private terrace approx. 55m2. Additional; parking space in a nearby public garage (CHF 8,000,-)

The project will come on the market via International brokers per Winter 2018/19.

Depending on personal wishes and demands the realization may start Spring 2019.

Mail me the chasaCHAU pricelist.