Residence 2 - from Wallflower to Sunflower. Reservation

No doubt the actual condition of this residence was in the best way a “hidden beauty”. The basement part was hard to reach, very dark due to sealed windows, the first floor level was locked away with all kinds of cheap plywood. This challenge must have aroused the fantasy of our designers; they transformed this lonely wallflower into a sparkling bouquet of sunflowers. The century old heavy beams in the basement are highlighted by cutting them half way creating a spacious mezzanine.

The immense beauty of the natural rock in the basement is literally pointed up. The huge South front windows on the first floor are open to let the sun shine through two levels of unusual living. The result is a smile in design, creating an unusual cosy live and workspace of about 56m2 in the basement with additional storage and toilet (about 7m2). Via the spiral staircase, you reach the upper level of the mezzanine with a great view over both the natural features of the living area and the South outdoor panorama. On the upper level, another toilet and bathroom are located leaving ample free space (about 30m2) for flexible use.

Last but not least, an additional room of about 14m2 from the old main building is added to the residence #2. A real jewel including original fat stone walls and a wide arched ceiling. Use of the central washing and drying facilities in the basement is standard, but connections for private laundry facilities are available. Option for fire-place available. Limited drive-in facility on the ground floor for loading/unloading. Residence with mezzanine approx. 111m2, South location and Northern daylight via 2 wall-pits. Internal storage approx. 4m2. Additional; parking space in a nearby public garage (CHF 8,000,-)

The project will come on the market via International brokers per Winter 2018/19.

Depending on personal wishes and demands the realization may start Spring 2019.

Mail me the chasaCHAU pricelist.